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Rebuild Transmission Sacramento

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What is that strange sound under the car? That puddle of red fluid in the driveway, could it be transmission fluid? Is the car shifting gears a bit too soon or too late? These questions signal the need for an immediate visit to a qualified, reputable transmission shop. We are a family-owned shop that's been doing business here in Sacramento since 1965. Unlike a chain or franchise operation, our name and reputation is on the line each and every day. We rebuild transmissions. We don't replace mufflers, do brake jobs, or install shocks and struts. We rebuild transmissions and over almost 50 years we have built an solid reputation in the community, based on our hundreds of happy, satisfied customers.

Decades of working experience and the most up-to-date diagnostic tools are the keys to getting the best results at the lowest possible cost. Once your vehicle on the lift, we will know exactly which parts can be replaced and which ones need to be adjusted. Transmissions have literally hundreds of parts and rebuilding a unit is a delicate job. We even have a special service bay specifically so we can work on RVs!
No matter which make of car, truck, or van you're driving, come by our shop for a free test-drive and we'll diagnose the issue and have you out the door at a price that you'll like a lot!

2845 Fulton Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821 - 916.487.1295

Open Monday Through Friday, 7 am to 4 pm - Closed Saturday And Sunday

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