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How could water get into your transmission? There are several ways it could get in and finding the exact source can be a real challenge.

Every transmission has a line that connects it to the transmission for cooling purposes. Transmission fluid is circulated through a sealed line inside the radiator to be cooled and then returned to the transmission. If a leak develops in the line inside the radiator, water can mix with the transmission fluid and flow back into the unit.

Another likely point of entry is the pressure-vent in the transmission body. All transmissions have a vent to equalize barometric pressure inside the unit with the air outside. If the vehicle is driven through a puddle or stream that is deep enough for water to reach the vent, the water can be sucked inside.

Many cars have a dipstick for checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid. Sometimes, during efforts to spray the vehicle's engine or while going through a carwash, water can make its way down through the dipstick tube into the transmission. There have even been recalls of vehicles to correct problems caused by poorly positioned dipsticks.

Regardless of how the water gets in, the effects can be disastrous!

Why is it so bad? After all it's just water. When water gets inside it can soak the friction linings of the clutches. Once the clutches absorb enough water, it dissolves the adhesive glue that holds the friction material on the clutch plates. Additionally the water will create rust on ferrous metal parts. Worse yet, bits of friction lining can come loose, circulate inside the transmission and destroy the pump.

One solution that many do-it-yourselfers try is flushing the transmission by adding new transmission fluid and draining the old fluid again and again. This is not a good idea. It will take many quarts of expensive fluid to attempt this approach and in the end it won't get all the water out and there will still be tiny chunks of friction material circulating.

The extent of the damage will depend on how much water enters the transmission (a quarter of a cup will ruin the unit) and how long it stays in the unit. The best solution is to take action as soon as you know the fluid has been contaminated. Turn off the engine. Call a reputable transmission repair shop and have your vehicle towed there. The right way to fix this problem is to do a complete overhaul on the transmission which will get rid of all the water and pieces of debris. If your radiator fails or you see that your transmission fluid has a frothy "strawberry milkshake" appearance, call us right away and we'll take care of it.

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